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    Students who are in need of internet services may contact Spectrum for a 60-day free internet opportunity. Call 866-590-6105.

    Armstrong will open all Wi-Fi Hot Spots in our service areas to the general public. Customers can find Hot Spot locations here:  ArmstrongOneWire.com/Internet/WirelessLocations.
    Effective Monday, March 16th, Armstrong will relax data allowance policies for all levels of residential Zoom Internet service.  This will ensure that all residential Internet customers have unlimited data allowances and will not have to worry about overage charges, all subject to our standard terms and conditions.
    Armstrong's measures will be in effect for the next 60 days and may be extended, as deemed necessary, during this on-going crisis.
    NOTE:  A tech coordinator shared that after calling Armstong.. they are offering to school residents a 3 month internet connection for $19.99 a month. According to the person spoken with the parent needs to call the residential service at (877) 277-5711 and let them know they want the 3 month service for the education during the COVID epidemic


    If you need hotpots for your school give Zach a call. 
    Zachary Shields
    Government Account Manager
    6200 Oak Tree Blvd, Ste 125  | Independence, Oh 44131  Mobile 216-276-3462   |  [email protected]

    Granite Communications Wireless Hotspots

    Cory Ayres
    Granite Telecommunications
    Public Sector - State of Ohio Account Manager

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Last Modified on March 20, 2020