Registration for these sessions is required.  Individuals attending training will need to register from the ACCESS webpage, www.access-k12.org.  
    Please be aware that sessions may be cancelled if we don't meet a minimum of registered participants (this includes Open Labs).  It is important to register for events you would like to attend.
    We are making some small adjustments to our StudentInformation, GradeBook and ParentAccess "Back to School" sessions.  We will be providing detailed checklists for these tasks (we will send these out at the beginning of August).  The checklists will be reviewed during these sessions, and districts have the option to attend.  Open Labs are also scheduled to assist districts with any Back to School items.  
    Sessions will be held at:
    Upcoming sessions include:
    Friday, September 6th - 9:00-12:00
    This session is a refresher training for attendance.  In this session we will cover how to:
      • define absence types, reasons, and notes
      • adding, editing and deleting student absence records
      • attendance reports
      • HB410 requirements
      • Student Absence Interventions
    Monday, September 9th - 9:00-11:30
    We will review the process for entering and editing Discipline Incidents in Student Information, as well as creating discipline reports and letters.  Intended audience - school administrators, counselors, secretaries; anyone who is entering and editing Discipline Incidents in Student Information.
    Monday, September 9th - 12:30-3:00
    We will be reviewing the various options for creating and assigning student fees in Student Information, as well as the fee reports available.
Last Modified on August 27, 2019