Submitting a ticket to ACCESS

    Step 1 - Send E-mail
    To request service from ACCESS, simply create an e-mail message and send it to the following addresse.    IMPORTANT NOTE:  You must be using your school e-mail account to submit a request.  Any request from an e-mail account not recognized by our system will be discarded.
    [email protected] - General Support
    As you type in the "To" field in Gmail you should see the addresses auto-populate.  In the e-mail message tell us your question or what you need and click "Send".
    Step 2 - Receive Confirmation Message
    You should receive an e-mail confirmation message when we receive your request.  If you do not receive a confirmation message, please make sure you are using your school e-mail address and not a personal address.  If you are using a school address and you do not receive a confirmation message, please let me know as soon as possible.
    Step 3 - Ticket is Worked
    You will receive e-mail messages when we work on your issue.  To add to the ticket, just click "Reply" and add your comments to the top of the e-mail message.  Click "Send".  This will send a message to the Help Desk system and your comments will be added to the ticket.  You will see a running history of the issue in each message.
    Step 4 - Ticket is Solved
    When we believe the ticket is resolved, we will mark it "Solved".  If you also believe it is solved, you don't need to do anything.  It will automatically close in 7 days.  If, however, things are still not correct, all you need to do is reply to the last message you received and it will automatically mark the ticket as "Open" for the analyst, and work can continue.
    Step 5 - Are You Satisfied?
    Approximately 4 days after the ticket is placed in a "Solved" status, and assuming no further input from you, an e-mail will be sent with a link regarding your satisfaction with the service you received. You can just click once for either "Yes, I'm Satisfied", or "No, I'm not Satisfied".  This will record your response.  You will be directed to a web page that will allow you to enter comments if you'd like...but comments are not required.
    Step 6 - Ticket Closes
    Approximately 7 days after the ticket is placed in a "Solved" status, and assuming no further input from you, the ticket will automatically close.  

    Login to Help Desk

    While most of the day-to-day operations will take place through e-mail, there is an option to login to our Help Desk (which is called Zendesk) to review your old tickets and look at our knowledgebase.
    1.  First, you must have opened at least one ticket with us by sending an e-mail to one of the addresses above using the new system.
    2.  Next, make sure you are logged in to Gmail using the same e-mail address as you used to open the ticket.
    3.  Now, open a new tab in your browser, and go to https://accessohio.zendesk.com.
    4.  Click "Login with Google".
    5.  You will be asked to grant rights to Zendesk to see your Google credentials.  Click "Grant" or "OK".
    6.  You will see our Help Center.  
    7.  At the top is a link called "My Activities".  You can can search through your old tickets (the ones you have opened with this new system).
    8.  You can also submit a new request here, or just review our Help Center articles (which again, right now, are a little sparse).
    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact any of us. 
Last Modified on February 25, 2020