•  Internet Web Filter

    The ACCESS Board of Directors has established an ACCESS Default Policy as a baseline policy for our membership schools to use at their discretion.  The Internet Web Filter rules have also been hardened to ensure CIPA compliance. 

    Individual membership schools have the ability, via delegated administration, to modify their filter policies according to their educational needs, remaining CIPA compliant at all times. 
    The intention of the Internet web filter is not to block appropriate educational sites. If a site you visited is blocked, a block page will provide information regarding how the site has been categorized and why the block has occurred. 
    Local delegated administrators can be notified directly if you encounter an issue with a site that needs further review or if you require general assistance.
    ACCESS utilizes a state-of-the-art Internet Web Filter. If you would like information on the product in use, contact [email protected].


Last Modified on March 11, 2020