Quick 5-minute Tutorial on Google Calendar

Posted by John LaPlante on 9/17/2013


1.  Log in to Gmail.
2.  In the black menu bar at the top of the screen, click on "Calendar".  A new tab will open with your calendar.  One thing you will need to get used to is having your e-mail in one tab of your browser and your calendar in another tab.  You can quickly switch between tabs to see the different information.  It does take a little getting used to, but I think you will quickly get the hang of it :).
3.  Click once (and only once, please) on the little rectangle just below the "11am" time period on today's date.  A new pop up box will open.
4.  In the "What" field, type "Test Appointment".
5.  Click "Create event".

Congratulations!  You have just created your first appointment in Google Calendar.  But wait…it only created it for an hour…and this is a 2-hour meeting!  Now what???  No problem!!
1.  Put your mouse at the bottom of the 1-hour time box.  You will see a little the arrow turn to a straight up-and-down line with an arrow at both ends.
2.  Left-click the mouse and hold down, and drag it down for an additional hour.
Congratulations!  You have just edited your first appointment!!  But wait…I wanted to invite someone to that meeting…now what?  No problem!!
1.  Put your mouse over the event and click once.  A white pop up box will display.  Click "Edit Event>>"
2.  Look on the right side of the screen for "Add: Guests".  Type the name of someone you work with, and when you see their name, click on it.
3.  You will see their name added below.  To remove them, click on the "x" to the right of their name.
4.  Now that you have someone in your guest list, click on "Suggested times" just below their name.  You will see a white pop up box that tells you if your guest list is free for your meeting.  It will also show you other suggested times and how many of your guests are available.
5.  To see a visual representation of this, click on the "Find a time" tab near the upper left side of the screen.  You will now see your calendar as well as the other person's calendar.   This is very helpful when trying to schedule with a large number of people.  NOTE:  You will not see why another person is not available, just that they are busy.  
6.  If you were really inviting this person, you could click "Save" at the top, and they would be notified of the meeting.  But since this is just a test, let's click "Discard changes" and these changes will be discarded.
Congratulations!!  You have just (well, almost) invited someone to a meeting!!


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